Save as Shortcut is an extension for Google Chrome that I designed to make the process of saving URLs to Internet shortcut files as easy and efficient as possible.

Personally, I have used these for the following reasons:

  1. To passively share links to content with people via shared folders.

  2. To supersede the temporary use of pinned tabs and bookmarks.

  3. As portable links.

  4. To accompany resources (installers with links to the websites, projects with links to assets, etc)

I originally started developing it for personal usage on 2012/11/13 and, after proving the concept and polishing it sufficiently, I decided to make it freely available via the Chrome Web Store on 2012/11/29. Since then, I have received and continue to receive a surprising amount of great feedback from avid users.

At the start of 2019, I even received an offer of at least $250 (£194.64) per month to add code that would change the user’s search engine but I refused this because I’m principled and I hate it when developers do that. Be the change that you wish to see to the world.

To any enthusiastic testers, a beta (read: unstable and experimental) version is available at

This one was developed on company time so the full details can be read at